She's So Fit

Remember when you were a kid shopping for shoes, and the salesperson would grab that cold metal measurement thingy, put your bare foot on it, and slide around the numbers that never made any sense?
This isn’t like that…

First, we are style-specific, which means the upper shape, material, and closure will affect the way the shoe fits. Then of course, we all have different needs in terms of comfort. You can refer to the Fit notes & Sizing guide on each individual product page that offers curated designer recommendations with respect to fit.

But to keep it somewhat simple, our product generally runs “true to size” which means whatever size you typically order should work for you here. Below is a quick comparison chart showing how our products fit based on standard industry sizing systems.


SIDE NOTE: If you do not see your size, we might be out of stock or limited on that particular style at this time. Not to worry! We look forward to finding better ways to accommodate you. Please email us with your request so that we can continue adding to our size offerings