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Throw Shine, Not Shade

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Color — Silverado Revival

Somewhere between hoover boarding and keeping glitter in your pocket for the occasional confetti cannon, the perfect pair of high-tops exists. They say if you appreciate a throwback to the good old days, while simultaneously believing in paging good karma forward, it allows you to rise-and-shine right here in the present. Highly recommend lacing these babies up on your own terms or leaving them loose-goosey for when the call of disco ball finds you. Cheval wear-tested these sneaks on a skateboard, strutting 5th avenue in NYC, and briefly chaperoning a high school dance, so they are basically Marty-McFly tested and Holly Golightly approved. She is throwing shine, not shade. 


Allover rhinestone high-top sneakers with adjustable lace-up fit and super-comfort outsole.

Heel Height


Fit Notes & Sizing Guide

True to size, lace-up allows for adjustability in fit. We recommend wearing higher socks that hit mid-calf for the ultimate throwback fashion moment.

See Size Chart for more details!

Product Care

Visit our Care Guide for details on:

For cleaning, magic eraser on the white outsole works wonders. Rhinestone should be spot-cleaned with diluted clear dish soap and water (and soft toothbrush). Laces can be machine washed with OxyClean or breach detergent.

Customer Care

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Amazing!! I feel stylish and just love love love them!!

Super cute and comfy and unexpected!

I love these sneakers! I couldn’t choose between pink and silver so I got both! I had beautiful custom 1980 Year of the Lady boots made for me by Cheval previously so I went with the same size 7. However, the sneakers were pretty snug so I did have to exchange them for a size 8. Just keep that in mind, if you tend to have a wider foot a larger size may be better fitting. The exchange was super easy though! I emailed customer service and Elyse sent a link to submit an exchange. The size 8s were shipped out even before I could put the size 7s in the mail! I absolutely adore these shoes and look forward to seeing what more Cheval releases!

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