She is a Barbie Girl

Growing up, there were two kinds of quizzes: my least favorite being the one that gave you the “uh-oh, I forgot to do last night’s chapter reading” feeling (pop quizzes) and my most favorite being the one that captivated the hearts and minds of teenagers worldwide (Seventeen Magazine Quizzes).

We might not be in school anymore, but who is to say we can’t bring back the vibe of the glossy pages in some fabulous fashion? Between Seventeen Magazine and the Delia’s catalogue, the bombardment of teenage dreams, fashion tips, and “the quiz me on ME” questions made me feel extra seen.

This week, in honor of our Barbie-inspired mystery Boxes being available, I invite you to take a trip down memory lane and quiz-it-up. This was fun to create, and while it might not give you that same feeling of self-discovery or give you inside info on “who is your crush”, it just might help you find that pawfect summer stiletto… or at least remind you why the cork vision board still slaps.


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  • She is a Doll Collection  

    She is a Doll Collection

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