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“Rain dances work 100% of the time. If you’re willing to dance until it rains.”

I am Hayley Paige.

I am allowed to design wedding dresses again. I officially own my own art and my social media accounts. And you're my happy thought.

Never did I ever think simply announcing myself would be an announcement in itself, but today it is…so here it goes:


I say that like I’ve never said it before. I say it like a kid on Christmas.

I’ve been awarded back my Instagram account (Pinterest and TikTok too) under the @misshayleypaige handle name by the district court. This is so meaningful because my case has likely set a positive legal precedent for anyone and everyone who uses social media both personally and professionally. Which I know is a lot of you. A Girl You Might Know foundation is a nonprofit I started last year to provide legal resources and advocacy to young artists and entrepreneurs, and I am so freaking excited by the progress, along with the FTC’s new ruling on banning noncompetes.

It’s so comforting to be able to personally address the community from which I’ve been separated these last 3.5 years…. Thank you so much for welcoming me back and sharing in my excitement.

But there’s something else I want to share: something that I prayed and hoped and wished for … but frankly didn’t think it was going to happen for a really long time. My lawsuit has officially settled. And I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to my intelligent, kind, and resilient legal team at Haynes Boone and Lewis BrisBois. I’m relieved that there has been a respectful resolve for all parties and most certainly wish my former employer and opposing counsel well.

Something new that came from this settlement was the opportunity to own my intellectual property.

I am proud to share that I have recently and solely acquired the entire IP portfolio of Hayley Paige. This includes the entirety of my designs, catalogs of work, trademarks, copyright, domains, and other forms of intellectual property. Even my sketchies. 

This is something I never expected to be reunited with let alone own, but I could not be more humbled and heartfelt to simply hold my art and moreover have the ability to share it with you on my own terms…

It is not lost on me how much of a positive influence this community and the public as a whole has had on my ability to persevere and simply put one foot in front of the other. For anyone who has purchased shoes from She Is Cheval, sent a supportive message my way, or even just simply thought or spoken of my name in a nice light …how helpful that was in my own processing and in my accountability to keep creating. 

When I took the SAT’s the essay question was: what is the meaning of life? My answer, even back then, was to create. Whether you are creating art, compassion, space for others, experiences, meaningful conversations, or creating tiny kind humans, being a creator means adding your unique value to our world. I hope you never give up on finding what that means for you, and that you know in your heart that that choice is only yours. 

Also thank you to my fiancé Conrad; my mom, dad, and sister; my business partner Elyse; my mentor, advisors, friends and advocates; podcasters and publications that shared my story. Thank you to the bridal stores who never lost hope, to former Hayley Paige brides, current Hayley Paige brides, and future Hayley Paige brides. If there were perfect words to pay my respects, I would use them right now. I see it as a tremendous honor to be indebted to you this way.

Just a few more things I wanted to quickly tie a bow on:

The She is Cheval brand is alive and kickin’ in rhinestone boots (I’m very much staying in the chevy saddle). If you got one of my first edition shoes you invested in my reinvention and my personal sustainability. So thank you.  

As for bridal, I am no longer under a noncompete. I will be reentering the wedding dress world as Hayley Paige…perhaps with shoes to match. Who knows. But we kind of know. So I will be in beauty and the beast mode….  seeding and sprucing up my business plan to secure the best possible way to bring you my best work. 

I don’t personally have any wedding dresses to offer you at this time, but I will be the first to share with you when and where NEW Hayley Paige gowns will officially be available. 

As for what you can call me, the choice is yours. Hayley, Hales, Miss Paige, HP, Cheval, Chevy, A Girl You Might know, Conrad’s Fiance, Winnie’s Mom …. I have seven new nicknames for my dog before breakfast time. So …how wonderful it is to have options. 

I feel very privileged to have been able to share my story over the past few years and have it land very understandingly in your hearts. You helped me find catharsis, ownership, and a path forward. I’ve always felt that that is what artists do. They take what has happened to them, what they’ve experienced, and turn it into material or a medium, and share it with others. It’s a devotional language that connects so many of us through hardship, happiness, humor, and hope. What I am most excited to do now is materialize my favorite kind of stories: love stories and fairytales. Particularly the ones that help us get through this thing called life. 

In summation, I am Hayley Paige, I own and operate my Instagram accounts, I can design wedding dresses again, and you were my happy thought. 


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